Do we really need Women’s day???




It is not what you are thinking…..

I WON’T ARGUE ABOUT why we need to reserve a separate day when every day is a women’s day etc etc but here’s a thought..

If we are following the practice of celebrating this day and wishing all our beloved ladies , can we actually do something nice for them? ‘Give them a rose because women are all about flowers’, yes, we do like flowers but we definitely like respect over that.

That day, I saw almost every lady carrying roses and chocolates  yet worrying about what is to be cooked for dinner or stressed about work.  While we are 364 days aware of the diseases that we might get do we really have to ‘extra’ worry about all of it that 1 day as well? Can’t we just relax and get pampered and have a nice cup of coffee with giggles all around and spend a gala time with our girlfriends instead?

Atleast that’s what I did and earned my best one hour that day.

Women are really simple while little things can worry them little things can also make them smile with a twinkle in their eye ❤



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